The Der Barristers Team

Every person is entitled to basic human rights and freedoms. For individuals charged with a crime, this starts with a fair trial and the best chance at proving one’s innocence.

Der Barristers exists to champion the cause of those who are in dire need of an effective, high-quality defence. We are located in Calgary, but we serve clients in Red Deer, Lethbridge, throughout Alberta, and other parts of Canada.

Former Crown Prosecutors — Our Key To A Comprehensive Defence

Experience is a prime reason why clients seek our representation. We have a solid track record, but also the ability to analyze criminal cases from both sides of the courtroom.

As former Crown Prosecutors, we know the other side thoroughly. We’ve used their tactics. We have firsthand experience shouldering the burden of proof and obtaining convictions. Now as defence lawyers, we leverage this advantage in tenacious pursuit of the most effective defences possible.

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