Defence For Firearms And Weapons Charges

The Canadian Criminal Code contains many offences related to the possession and use of weapons. A guilty conviction results in numerous impacts — a lifelong criminal record, difficulty with international travel and possible imprisonment. Yet, even police and judicial authorities sometimes lack clear understanding of the nuances surrounding gun and weapons charges.

At Der Barristers, our lawyers have practised exclusively in criminal law for decades. We understand all areas of criminal law. We have represented thousands of clients in Calgary, Alberta and across Canada. Whatever weapons charge you are facing, we can provide you with a solid, well-prepared defence.

Examining The Fine Details Of A Case

Successfully fighting weapons charges requires careful attention to the factual and legal details of each individual case. The police may also have infringed on your constitutional rights through procedural missteps or abuses of authority. Our criminal law attorneys know how to navigate through many layers of complexity.

When preparing your case, we will thoroughly examine such questions as:

  • Does the device in question meet the legal definition of a weapon?
  • What if you had lawful possession of a firearm prior to being charged?
  • What if you used the weapon in self defence?
  • Did police perform an illegal stop, search or seizure?
  • What if you were intoxicated at the time of the incident?

We can also assemble a case to fight any related offences, such as drug trafficking, robbery or theft, violent crimes, homicide and sexual assault.

Our senior lawyer, Balfour Q. H. Der, is co-author of the reference work The Law of Firearms And Weapons, published by Carswell.

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